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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Southwell Minster

Come with me to a gorgeous place of worship, rich in history and architectural art.  It truly isn't possible to share all of its beauty here, and in fact, one could take days and thousands of photos to capture it!

We went to Southwell to do laundry.  So I thought.  Here is our reward!

It's important to prove that I really was in England....

I told John that if he was going to be in my picture he had to DO meet playful John!

The exterior alone could take hours to photograph.  What fun I had shooting patinas, various states of decaying stone, and details in ironwork, masonry, and wood!

John shot this beautiful picture!


When one looks up, there are so many different ceiling details!  Wouldn't it be fun to lay on the floor for a photo shoot?

Such an impressive entryway.  Click on any photo to see it larger.

One of many intricate stone carvings....

So peaceful....

I have no words....

There is an incredible story behind the bottom 4 stained glass panels.  They date back to the Romans in England, and there were 11 in the original set!  Perhaps the Southwell Minster website has a bit written up on it - I don't want to butcher the story here.

The ceiling of the chamber room (I think.....)

In the chamber room - read the titles on the seats!

Note the date, in the E and W corners.

Leaving the minster, we head across the lawn toward...

One of my favorite photos....
 So glad you stopped by!  Check in later for more and different tours!

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Melanie said...

Our best friends got married here almost ten years ago. They didn't have such good weather though! X