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Monday, July 22, 2013

An artful summer....

It has been far too long between blog posts!  I can't really say that I have been too busy, but I have been  following my heart, arting while the spirit moves me to, and dreaming of new ideas quite a bit.

Through Art of the Inlands, Christy Sobolewski and I had the privilege of showing at Market America Realty for Art Walk, July.  The pictures below show our work and some of the dear friends that visited me.  It was a super experience, my first "show" ever, and so much fun!  Due to the fact that it is off-season and it was the day after July 4 (and a 4 day weekend at that), there wasn't as much traffic for Art Walk as there often is, which turned out to be perfect for boosting my confidence.  I sold one piece at the show, another after, and have a possible commission ahead.  Every time I think of just getting rid of all of my materials, I will remember this.

Mixed media using my original photos.

The one on the right is an altered original photo,

The three dog image transfers were taken from a 1930s discarded book of dog stories illustrated by Diana Thorne.  

Some of my smaller works displayed with one of Christy's fantastic paintings.

My friends, the Camerons, who are beautiful inside and out!

I raise my glass to Christy, who fell in love with the colors and vibrancy, and whom now owns this piece.

And I would be remiss not to share a nature photo, wouldn't I?  Not much is going on at the marsh right now, at least not on the edges of it, but I found this interesting growth/deposit on a tree and just might have to research it and use it in a piece of art sometime....

Hmmm, looks more like eggs, but could it be a fungus?

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