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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New addition!

Emilio joined our family this week!    

This was on his first night.  After investigating the entire house, he stuck pretty close to me, which included hanging out under the bed all night.  

By the second night, he was in my lap, purring and pawing, as I Skyped with my friend on the computer.  Sophia did an excellent job of making me feel like a horrible mom with her pitiful, dejected face.  

The third night brought them closer, although still not comfortable.  As Sophia hung her head, literally, Emilio explored her soft, warm blankie.  You could almost hear her say, "Hey, that's MY blanket!"

This morning, they are all over the house, playing, taunting, wrinkling the rugs.  I, of course, have the happy end of the deal - big, wet kisses from my beloved girl, and purring in my ear from my soft boy.  Happy!