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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good weather for ducks!

Lots of rain this weekend, much needed rain.  In between sprinkles I visited the marsh, which is still quite low on water.  The sound of so many different birdsongs is quite peaceful and brings me joy, as did the cooperation of this roseate spoonbill!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Balloon Festival

Yesterday a friend and I attended the hot air balloon festival at the Immokalee Airport.  I arose at 4:30 so that I wouldn't miss the launch, which was set to be at dawn.  Although the balloons were not able to take flight due to wind speeds, we still enjoyed the sight and learned a bit (about balloons and about each other).

Above was the scene we faced as we entered through the gates.

We were able to watch the sunrise between the balloons.  We did miss a bit of it, however, because balloonists were graciously allowing the multitude of photographers to shoot while they explained the use of the propane to keep the balloons inflated while waiting for the launch signal.

One of my favorite "stumbled upon" moments was watching these boys play under a balloon as it was being inflated - until they were busted and asked to stop.  They were having such a silly good time!  And look at how pleased the budding photographer was with his shots!

As the decision was clear that the launch was not to be, the balloons were deflated.  Here's a parting shot:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oscar Wilde

said, "Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken."  I saw this picture and HAD to post it today!

Don't you love sassy?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh, the places I'll go....

This morning was the first of many future visits to Harns Marsh, a plot of protected land less than 5 miles from my house!  What a glorious morning it was - the air was just cool enough to start out wearing a jacket, birds were calling and crying, and the sun was glowing brightly on beautiful, blooming flowers.  What more could a girl with a camera want??
Another photographer there told me this was the worst day he had even been there - worst as far as photographing birds is concerned.  Well, then, I have a great deal to look forward to!  I was thrilled with my photos and the birds I saw, some of which I must look up the names of!  I'll post my favorites and you can come to your own conclusion.
I can't wait to take my dear friend there with his camera when he returns.  It's such a lovely, peaceful place!
Click on the photo to see it larger.
Woodstork in the sky, ducks skimming the water.

Woodstorks in flight - even at their size, the eagle can scare them up.
Glossy ibis

Are you impressed yet?  I can't believe it - there are more!


Tri-colored heron
Darn, I missed a photo-op because I didn't wear my flowing white dress!
A fleeting few seconds of far-off flight, a glimpse of pink, and I got it!  A roseate spoonbill!
This is where I was standing - the roseate was all the way back to the trees, on the left.
I was only using a 70-300 lens.  Miracles do happen!

Dragonfly season is one of the benefits of humidity.


I'm sure that's enough for all of you for now!  I chose my favorites out of the 300 I kept.  I hope you enjoyed them!