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Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to work!

Wednesday was our first full day of training and work at school (as most of you know I teach elementary students), so my energy levels have been lower than I like in the evening, and I have spent less time on blogs than I'd like to!

However, I subscribe to some blogs, simply for inspiration or exposure to new things, and wish to share one with you today.  This particular post shows a home style that is so comfortable, relaxing, and rich to me - not in a glitzy way, but with its own special glamour.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

More of London....

Westminster Abbey

Detail as we entered Westminster Abbey.  Note the sign.  :(

Such a lovely frieze!

We headed for the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben...

Heightened security and employees standing outside - something was going on.  Maybe we privy to a fire drill.  HA!

The London Eye, just across the street.

I found it interesting that the H of P were constructed right on the Thames River.

John and I getting ready for the clock to strike 3!

Here is Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Thames River, Westminster Abbey (but only from outside), and the Eye.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buckingham Palace

Our day in London was action-packed, beginning with our visit to Buckingham Palace (with thousands of other people).  We were able to see the changing of the guard, visit the Mews, and visit the Queen's Gallery.  I hope you enjoy  my photographic highlights of this portion of the day!  

Two marching bands entertained us with some surprising music, including "Billie Jean".  

I have a set of old Beatle collectible figurines with hair just like these hats!

Buckingham Palace Gates

After the crowd thinned out....

Kensington Garden Gates

The Mews residential area (for those who work with the horses, cars, etc).

The coronation carriage, actually used for the procession!

Such beautiful tack on the horses that pull the carriage!

Artistic detail abounds!

A riding lesson was taking place in the ring.  I wonder who takes lessons at the palace riding stables?

Next, the most awesome experience  -  the DaVinci drawings in the Queen's Gallery.  I cannot describe how it felt to look so closely at these small, intricate drawings from nearly 600 years ago!  There were many large posters describing Leonardo's self-education in this time of medical ignorance, which only increased one's respect for this work.

Pages were pressed between two pieces of glass so that both sides could be seen.  

One of his early drawings of the heart, a two-page spread.  The age is visible, as might be the drawings on the back sides of the paper.

DaVinci was left handed, and found it easier to write backwards, from right to left.

One of my favorites.  

A later drawing.  He never did quite figure out the circulatory system, however.

From here we visited several other London sites - I'll share them in future posts!  Good to have you visit!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lincolnshire Agricultural Show

Those who know me know that I love animals.  Get ready for the photos!  I did stick in a couple of tractors, falcon, and side-attraction photos, as well as a few silly captions.  It was a great day!

I spy with my little eye....

Jumbo sized tusks....

for a jumbo sized hog!!

"I work hard to get this definition...."

I had plenty of these for dinner, so I didn't indulge here!

I fell in love with this beauty!
So many pretty horses!

Hunting hounds and horsemen....after they presented the groups, the dogs were allowed to wander free and the audience was welcomed in.  Yippee!

May I have this one, please?

John loves tractors!
This is what I would expect...
So where did Tom Cruise come from??

"Thank you for noticing my beauty behind this ugly apparatus!"

"Where's the gate?  How do I get out??"

"Don't you have something better to do, lady?"

"Turn the camera away, or I'll send my people."

"Oh, I'm so shy!"

The peregrine falcon show!  We almost didn't catch it - so glad we did!

After the show, John took me to very special places from his past, one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Next time, I'll share those!