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Thursday, July 12, 2012

RAF Cosford Air Show

Not the best day for an air show, but we managed to dodge downpours and the show went on!  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I must admit, and by how exhausted I was from standing still so long.  This day, and our sprint in London, were the toughest on my body and energy.  Although it was difficult to get photos at just the right moment, these are my favorites - either my favorite airplanes, tricks, or memories.  

This is a plane that John used to work on when he was with the RAF.

A transport plane (a monstrosity!) he actually traveled in, which he knew by its number.  The propellors were awesome!

Isn't this one cute?  (Sorry, guys.)

The RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team.
The leader is down in the lower left corner as the others are maneuvering themselves into position - 
amazing that they have that much control!

A rescue helicopter, such as the one William might be seen in - no, he wasn't part of the show.

Just cool planes and photos....

The Red Arrows
Sometimes when they are performing these tricks they are only 8 feet apart!  Yikes!  And they are zooming!

Love this one....

And on the way back to the example of the roads we often traveled.
One lane.
No lights at night.
Every so often a 2-4 foot dirt spot to pull over so that someone coming toward you can get by.
Lots of curves.
30-40 mph.  

And a common sight.  Loved it.

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