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Monday, March 21, 2011

The ticking clock....

It's not what you think!  That clock has long since stopped ticking!  But the clock in my studio keeps a steady rhythm, tic-tock, tic-tock, while I work, which served as inspiration for this week's inchie!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Endless's inchie word!  And immediately I thought of the sand, sea, and here it is!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The final finishing touches are on my Tribute to Great Danes mixed media piece.  My last post described my feelings about Danes, and told you a little about the illustration I used in the image transfer.  I added some final bling and rusty things to make it just here it is, along with my third and current Dane, the big baby, Sophia!  Remember to click on an image to show it larger.


The total mixed media piece.

The upper portion showing detail of some of the doodling and stamping.

Brass charms with patina layered over some tin pieces I found in the garage, 
wired and beaded.  The eye screws were silver, but the blue patina instantly turned them black. 
 Happy accident!

Friday, March 11, 2011

How much is that doggy?

About a year ago I picked up a wonderful book filled with dog stories and illustrations at a garage sale for - wait for it - fifty cents!  The Dog Book was illustrated by Diana Thorne, whom, I found upon research, led a very interesting life.  The image transfer collage above is my tribute to the three Great Danes I have owned and loved.  Here it is almost done, but there are several small mixed media elements left to add.

Teak was my first Great Dane.  He was up for "adoption" from a previous owner who couldn't keep him, and he was a two year old brindle, quite tall, about 150 pounds.  We instantly bonded, and he served as a dear companion and great guard dog.  Although he would never actually attack anyone, he would place himself between a stranger and me until I shook their hand or assured him it was okay.  How amazing that a dog would so readily do this for a new owner.

Bella,  my second Dane, was the most gentle, people-loving, devoted friend one could imagine.  She was a shorter, stockier merle.  One weekend when she was in her fourth year, she began acting as though she didn't feel well, and by Monday we had to let her of the lobes of her lung twisted and burst before the doctor was even sure of what had happened.  A heart wrenching experience, I lay on the floor of the vet's office, spooning her until she stopped breathing.  My husband and daughter sat crying on the bench in that room, as the vet knelt,  in tears as well.  A piece of my heart died that day, too.

Yet the presence of such a large pet, one who is so human-like, was sorely missed, and two weeks later I began looking for another.   Her birth  owner named her Princess - she was one of a litter of 15 "oops" babies.  We changed her name to Sophia.  Sophia came home with us at the sweet age of 5 weeks.  I remember that she could walk underneath Wags' (part boxer) belly then.  HA!  She  is now a tall, beautifully sculpted Great Dane, with shiny black fir and long legs.  Sophia is the biggest scaredy-cat you've ever met, and still has so much puppy in her at two and a half years old.    She's also the biggest baby, and will sit right up in your lap.

I have owned and do own other breeds of dogs, but have found none like a Great Dane.  When I have added a few small embellishments to the canvas, I will hang 3 charms naming  my pets from the bottom, and repost the finished product.   If you enjoyed this, I hope you will come back to visit.