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Sunday, March 13, 2011


The final finishing touches are on my Tribute to Great Danes mixed media piece.  My last post described my feelings about Danes, and told you a little about the illustration I used in the image transfer.  I added some final bling and rusty things to make it just here it is, along with my third and current Dane, the big baby, Sophia!  Remember to click on an image to show it larger.


The total mixed media piece.

The upper portion showing detail of some of the doodling and stamping.

Brass charms with patina layered over some tin pieces I found in the garage, 
wired and beaded.  The eye screws were silver, but the blue patina instantly turned them black. 
 Happy accident!


Elaine Akers said...

Love your Great Dane collage piece. You were lucky to find such a bargain when you came across the dog book. I read your other posts about your Great Danes. I know how you felt when your baby had to be put down, as I did the same thing when I had to put my beloved golden retriever, Bear down because he was full of cancer.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Your finished piece is just fab-u-lous Peggy! Love how it turned out.

Kris said...

Such great art honoring Danes! Your photo of Sophia is so darn adorable.
You should submit it to
Sophia would be a knock out over there!

Donna said...

It's wonderful! I especially love the tin pieces hanging from the bottom, great touch!