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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Privilege....

Listen, I don't often share this mess with the world, so consider yourself privileged to see it.....going from a 17' X 23' studio to my little room has not been easy, but I make it work!  Here you see the mess of journal making......

Okay, and a few other projects I am in the middle of.....stuck in indecision!  I am using the grunge boards for the front and back covers.  Here are a few I have almost ready to bind...

And one of my "piles" (there are several more) of materials for another I have yet to begin....
I'd love to sell them, but honestly don't know if I can handle the time it would take to establish an etsy or ebay site, so they will serve as gifts for now, or I should say, when they are done.
Thanks for visiting me in my "studio"!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Who I Am

Most of my coworkers see me as an extrovert - but although I have it in me, I basically am not.  I love my quiet time, time spent with one special friend or a small group of people, learning about what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, or what breaks their heart.
Some might consider me ADHD or ADD - because I jump from one project to another.  That makes me smile.  It's just my creative mind.  Sometimes we creative types have to leave a project for a while to allow the options to roll around in our heads until just the right next step presents itself.  (This is my rationale for why the dress remains cut and french seamed, but unassembled.)
I am attaching a link to a wonderful article I'd like to share with you.  Your comments to me are always appreciated and looked forwarded to.