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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revisiting England....

Knowing that school has been cancelled for tomorrow due to probable storms, I am posting more photos of my trip this summer.  Yes, there are many, many more!  Most of these are from the Lincoln Cathedral....such an amazing site!  The intricacies could have occupied me for an entire day.  

In remembrance of the man as well as the saint.

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Note the headstones in the floor.

Very impressive.

One couldn't begin to share all the photos of wonderful doors!

Going to dinner with the family - note the spiral on the church!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time Out from the Hurry, Hurry, Rush, Rush!

Yesterday, Christy Sobolewski and Katie Kelly came over for "art night" - which included food, fun, mess, and three collaged art pieces  - all in 4 1/2 hours!  We each started a piece, then passed it to our left, so that each artist could add to the original piece.  Here are some of the before, during, and after photos, taken with my iPhone:

Our glorious mess!

Katie and Christy!

My before (the part I did before passing it on).
My after - I adore it!  It couldn't be more perfect for me!

Katie's during (her work with mine added).

Katie's after, with Christy's work.

Christy's final.

I want to do it again!