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Sunday, July 15, 2012

More England?  Of course!  I have a lot to show everyone.

Before my photo-share, I would like to say that one of the things I sorely miss is tea and scones in the afternoon.  John and I would have a good breakfast, skip lunch, and have our tea when we were ready for a break.  This was a lovely way to regroup and satisfy our appetites until dinner.   Knowing that I must go back to school and the rigid "teacher schedule", I didn't even attempt to continue that pattern when returning home!

We visited Bridgnorth, one of my favorite towns, in Shropshire, to take the steam train to Bewdley.  Here are a few highlights of trip.

The town hall, which is above the road, and views from windows at each end.

The clerk opened windows for us take pictures.

And we wandered around town....

Ready to ride?  This helps you travel around town - which is steep.

 St. Leonard's Church

This beautiful stone path at the door to the church.

The sweet house that can be seen from the door of the church.

And inside St. Leonard's...


One section of breath-taking ceiling...

Organ pipes...

 Interior door...

The train ride was sweet - very relaxing - and the scenery was lovely!

You might know that I love things which are in a state of decay....
...and patinas....peeling paint....etc.

Fields and fields of buttercups!
The town of Bewdley, situated on the Severn River.  We strolled, visited museums and shops, and fed the swans.  I almost caused John to become violent when I seriously considered climbing a beautiful weeping willow tree.

Tea time!

Time to head back!  

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