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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creating a little at a time....

I have desperately needed to get back to my creative soul, so, a little at a time, I have begun working on small pieces.  I thought I'd share these with you.
Using an advertisement from a 1930s magazine I picked up an an estate sale, I collaged pieces of the written word, then used image transfer to add PT Barnum's pictureI love how the circus tent sides turned out!

I had printed this image onto blue paper a while back.  After applying the collaged textured papers, I thought it would look lovely transferred atop - and I believe it does.  It makes me think of the balancing act this life seems to be.


Kitten said...

It's great to see you creating again, Peggy. I also love those circus tent sides on yur Barnum piece. Keep those creative juices flowing!

Paula Guhin said...

What a great way to get back into it! Keep up the good work!
Paula at