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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Curve ball!

Life threw me a curve ball - my husband had a heart attack yesterday.  Doctors and personnel at the hospital were wonderful, and had him transported from his work site, through the ER, and into  and OUT of the cath lab with stint in place in under 2 hours.  I arrived within 20 minutes of being  notified (I had to get my 4th graders situated) and by then he had already been taken to the cath lab.  I waited 45 minutes to talk to the doctor who did the procedure, which was done successfully. 
To those of you who are in the inchie challenge with me, I can pretty much assure you the powerful inchie won't be done this week.  But I have high hopes for the weekend, and plan to get it and the caring inchie done....which will probably have something to do with medical personnel! 


Kitten said...

Hey Peggy...
Thank heavens your husband came through his heart procedure with good results! My heart is with you & I'm sending good, positive healing energy his way.

Dawn said...

Peggy thinking of you, how scary for you, I know that feeling as I thought Stuart was going to be taken from me last year.
So glad the Doctors managed to save him for you, big hugs and lots of love Dawn xxxxx

Stampmaiden said...

I'm relieved to hear your husband was in good hands. My prayers are with you and your family.