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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mutt and Jeff

Actually, it's Sammy and Sophia, our opposite dogs!  Don't they look sweet together on the sofa?  Sammy, the little guy, is usually too selfish with his space to let Sophia, the big girl,  that close.  But we love them both, and Wags, dog #1 who is out of the picture.
Sophia and I had spent a couple of hours at Pugfest, and she was exhausted.  She had so much fun and received so much attention!  Here is a picture of a new friend she made.

Now THAT is sweet!


Marie S said...

Oh these are the cutest dogs. Good luck in the giveaway Peggy and thank you so much for stopping by.
Marie OWOH #907

Dawn said...

That is the cutest picture, what lovely dogs x

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!