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Saturday, July 11, 2009

market bags

I've been working like crazy (well, I WAS obsessed) to make market bags, aka shopping bags, from a large stash of decorator samples I picked up at a garage sale over a month ago. These fabrics are gorgeous, and of such variety! I just haven't been interested in buying the grocery stores bags which are so plain Jane, not to mention I don't shop at only one store and sure didn't want to buy different ones for the different stores I shop in! These are really a lovely statement and eye catching besides! No two bags are anything alike, either.

Depending on the fabrics I was able to group together to compliment one another, I have some with handles just for your hands to hold, some with arm handles, some with shoulder straps, and some with a shoulder strap and a shorter handle. Most have several textures, which could include linen, satin, silk, upholstery weaves, tapestry, embroidered pieces, trapunto textured pieces, and soooooo many more! The pictures above don't show the texture well, but you can see that the size varies, also, and these are examples of bags in a medium size range. There are soft tans and blues, browns, yellows, reds, greens, some more summery looking, some wintery looking, ones that look tropical, ones that look sweet, ones that look bold. Something for everyone.

Every bag is lined, has a boxed bottom, and has straps which are reinforced for strength and durability. Some have pockets and more than three fabrics pieced together - these are the $15 bags. The simpler ones are $12 bags. Postage, if you would like one, is $3.

Just drop me a note by commenting on this post or contacting me via email or Facebook. Let me know what colors you are interested and how to get in touch with you. Whatever I don't sell will be gifts for many of you! :)

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Christy said...

I like the ones with 2 handles. The one handle might be difficult for me as I am always carting as many as I can into the house at once. Love these bags! Feel free to bring one with you on the first Friday of August LOL