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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garage Sale Score!

I got my camera back! While riding to and from cat-sitting this morning, I hit several garage sales, and really struck gold on two of them. Of course, I couldn't take my finds home on the bike, so I paid for them and drove back to pick them up. I got stuffed animals for my dogs to play with, a step-by-steph BH&G cookbook for my daughter going off to college, a gorgeous square table topper with coordinating napkins that match my new shabby chic dining room perfectly, yards of tulle both plain and flocked, a large old book of music, an old Aggravation game for my classroom, a weathered old post bird feeder (ear of corn type), a wire basket, and the best - an old leather briefcase and rusty antique typewriter in its case! What an awesome morning of sun and fun!

Another quote - I love this one (although it is arguable) - How do you know what you're going to do until you do it? The answer is, you don't. It's a stupid question. J.D. Salinger

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