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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Migratory birds.....

are about to pass through Harns Marsh, I'm told.  So this morning I took a trip to see what was going on.  Although there were not flocks of all sorts, I was thrilled to see a couple of brand new sights, and be honored with a posing session by one of my favorites, the red-shouldered hawk.

This sweet blue heron tolerated me for quite a while before taking flight.  I am awed by the coloring seen in his wings - they look like a watercolor painting!

Seeing a tricolored heron as well was a treat!

 And of course, our resident egrets and ibis did not let me down.  

There were also several pairs 
of Sandhill cranes within the first quarter mile of the marsh pathway.
Now, this was a real treat, and one that not everyone gets, I understand.  For the first time, I saw a caracara!  He was truly unusual looking, and I thought he was some type of hawk.  He does belong to the falcon family, but has such an unusual looking beak and "headdress".  

Good morning, vulture - the king of the dirt pile......

and the wood pile!

And what pretty little bird do we have here?

 This beauty is a little blue heron....

And this is a juvenile limpkin or ibis (not sure which), playing hide-n-seek with me.

The peace and quiet of this place is remarkable.  

Not far from the location above, I zoomed in on this mother and her young.  However, when I saw the photo on the computer screen, I became enamored with her innocence and charm and tried to identify her - but had no luck.  Please contact me if you know!

And the most wonderful opportunity of all - the red shouldered hawk.  Actually, there were two of them.  On my way in, I came across this one feeding on what appears to be a lizard.   He definitely wants me to leave him alone.

On my way out,   this beauty posed patiently for me.  I didn't want to stop!    Can you  see the strength in his wing muscles?  

 What a terrific visit to Harns Marsh, just two miles from my home!

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