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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome back, Muse!

So many ideas - but life has kept me mentally and physically busy lately, so the ideas were overwhelming rather than motivating.

This weekend I created for the first time in quite a while.  I made a very simple piece, and, with a background already prepped on a discarded hardcover book, a more complicated piece using collage and image transfer.  I LOVE using old magazines and book for image transfers - they work very nicely, especially magazines.  Looks like I may be productive again - I have many more magazines images I want to put to use!

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PetraB said...

Hi Peggy, I come over from Kunterbunt cottage and just wanted to let you know that no, it doesn't have to be the Union Jack! For Ali's challenge you can
create anything with patterend paper to your heart's content.
I chose the Union Jack as motif because of all the celebrations here in the UK this year. And it is so easy to create the flag with
different colours and patterns and you can still recognize the flag -
this was good fun.
Hope you can enter as well, it is just great to use some of the 'old' papers.

Your piece you created is awesome, I absolutely adore the composition.

Happy crafting, Petra.