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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One thing...then another....

What a blessed, wonderful, cold and rainy weekend I had!
Before I left, I made my inchie "combo" for the past two weeks (heart and pink).....

Then off to Boston to Stephanie's graduation from The Boston Conservatory with a Master's Degree in Opera Performance....and Natalie was there, too!

To make it all the more lovely, things were in bloom like lilacs, which I have not had the privilege to smell in over 10 years, and baby birds were stumbled upon in the sweetest places.  Here are some pictures from my favorite garden in Boston, the Fenway Victory Gardens at Bolyston between Fenway and Park.....

New beginnings all around!


Dawn said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Stephanie, glad all her hard work paid off.
The gardens and birds are beautiful, fabulous pictures x

Kitten said...

BIG CONGRATS to Stephanie...and to you, too, Mom! Love all the pix of the special day & of the gardens & cute little baby birds...what's not to like about a duckling?