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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last weekend....

Last weekend I was in Boston, experiencing deep snow and a wonderful opera (starring my daughter) at The Boston Conservatory.  It was a lovely, relaxing time, and I came back to hurry-hurry, rush-rush at work - catching up is always that way, isn't it?  Finally, I uploaded pictures to share today.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.      Drinks on the patio, anyone?


No, thanks!

But isn't it lovely on a sunny Sunday morning?

This little beauty was enjoying the snow.....because the nice people in the blue house were feeding him!

I was lucky enough to spot my favorite bird, the hawk (I believe this is  a red-tail hawk) taking twigs to its nest!  Next thing you know, there's another flying to the nest to warn its mate of my loitering, after which they flew off to another tree to distract me.

After this picture, be sure to click on the two of these guys in flight - I am amazed that I caught them, and if you don't look carefully (and at the original image) you might miss them!

Isn't this cool?
So aero-

And of course, pictures of the reason I went to Boston in the first place......

Stephanie as Hansel at curtain call!

What a beautiful, spiritual opera this was - with funny parts, sad parts, and a bit of scary parts, too - and so much singing for Hansel and Gretel!  Jackie has been at the Conservatory the entire time Stephanie has - 5 years now - so watching the two of them together was quite special.

Thanks for sharing my trip!

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Dawn said...

Peggy how proud you must be - I can tell you are, CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter xxx