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Monday, September 6, 2010

Caviar and pearls

Caviar and pearls.....the good life.....easy street.....all of that implied in my first chandelier for the Mount Dora show.  I ordered a chandelier with much simpler crystals, then adorned the lampshade with vintage laces and pearls.  The large crystals above were picked up in Ohio at a flea market, and the silverplate was from a lovely garage sale.  From a pearl necklace which was woven into a thick strand, I unstrung and restrung the draped beads, and individually sewed each separate pearl at the bottom.    As I was working I realized it needed more pearls, and the wire-wrapping idea came to me as well as the spoon fulls.  And I believe that turned out to be my favorite part.  If it doesn't sell, I want it!


Sherry Goodloe said...

That is just GORGEOUS Peggy!!

Peggy Alborn said...

Thanks for your compliment on my blog, Sherry! I think about you every day!

laura said...

oh dear another you will do great with these.