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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Ready!

Today I photographed all 69 of my shirts for Mount Dora.    The first picture is a close-up of one of my favorites, made with my mother's bridal veil, French silk pleated trim, and hand crocheted circles.  The other two photos show two different styles I will sell.  Some of them have more elaborate detail on the back than on the front.  I fear that I need twice that many (if I'm lucky), considering the number of people who usually attend the fair.  However, I haven't worked on a lampshade since the beautiful blue accent one, so I have ordered chandeliers to alter!  This summer I picked up some silverplate, and plan to use that and crystals I found at a flea market to make two very unusual pieces....and I may add laces, tulle, and beading - maybe even some of my soldered charms!  Also, it would be fun to put together some "embellishments" that stand alone and can be pinned to coats, blazers, belts, and the like.  Too many ideas!

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