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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama went gator huntin'!

Two cups of coffee....the bikes loaded on the back of the Trailblazer, beach gear packed, cooler loaded, and off to Sanibel we go!  Since the beach is one of my favorite places to go, we couldn't go wrong, but the day just kept getting better and better!  On our bike ride we stumbled upon a path through a preserve, the Bailey Tract, that we had never been into......and it was heavenly!  Absolute silence except for the birds and the sound of lizards jumping from leaf to leaf.  Mama didn't get to see her gator, but the flowers and insects were wonderful. 
Afterwards we hit the gulf to cool off, and soaked up some more sun.  See?  Keeps getting better!  But that's not the end......Dairy Queen sucked us in on the way off-island....ummm, another favorite, ice cream.  Tom wanted to stop at the outlet mall to check on some golf shorts, so of course I had to explore there, too....and found little dresses at The Gap for $15!  It's not done yet!  I came home and proceeded to solder, dye cheesecloth (soon to be a new addiction), and love on the dogs.  Yep, the only thing that would make this day even MORE perfect is being with my girls.
I'll leave you with this incredible image....she was perched in a low tree near the path to the beach, and took flight as I was taking pictures of her - right over my head.

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Sherry Goodloe said...

HEY - I thought I was following you on this blog! Darn it, I've been missing out over here. Gotta catch up *hee hee*