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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spontaneity Rules!

What a wonderful, spontaneous morning!  Usually I am at work on a Thursday morning, so I forget about the farmer's market downtown - but today I just happened to be driving by.  I whipped my car right into the parking lot and bought three bags of beautiful, fresh produce and two bunches of flowers.
Of course, when I saw the "garage sale" sign pointing down Rio Vista, one of my favorite old Fort Myers streets, the car took a whipping again.....and I struck pay dirt!  My students will love the new goodies in the treasure box as well as the many games, puzzles, and art supplies I got for them.  And I love the bag of laces and trims, the books of quotes (for which I have a marvelous idea), and the suitcase I fell in love with.
So guess what I'm going to do now?  PLAY!

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Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooooooh a vintage suitcase! That's one thing I didn't purchase when I went to the flea market. None of the ones I saw really "caught my eye" this time. But that's what's cool about flea markets and garage sales isn't it? . . . you just never know

And a treasure box?! And laces and trims and quote books?! . . . oh yeah, you hit pay dirt alright *smiles*

Did I tell you I love your suitcase?

I can see we would have to take the "we'll still be friends" oath if WE ever shopped together! LOL