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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nothin' but blue skies.....and a manatee!

Debbie says we always have an adventure at the beach. She wasn't with me this morning, Tom was, so she missed one of the best adventures ever! We were biking in the packed sand, I with my camera over my shoulder, of course, when I spotted a dolphin. I jumped off the bike, prepped the camera, and waited. And waited. And waited. The dolphin didn't resurface, which seemed odd. By then, Tom had caught up to me and informed me that he saw the back fin of a manatee, not the dorsal fin of a dolphin! Just then it came up again! My shorts, visor, and sunglasses came off, and I was in the water to get close - hopefully close enough to feel its huge presence. Now, I have not worked out in way too long, and don't consider myself a swimmer (although I know how), so chasing something that doesn't show itself very often should have intimidated me. I tend to be impulsive when it comes to critters. I found myself in much deeper water than I have ever ventured into, and a bit of current pulling me out, but with Tom's coaching on the manatee's location, and the help of the waves, I was able to come in and get about 10 feet from it. Truly awesome. Exhausted after only about 10-15 minutes, I had to give up and swim on my back (so that I could breath because it was quite an aerobic workout) until I found bottom again. What an incredible weekend! Heavenly!

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Sherry Goodloe said...

Wow! That's the coolest EVER! That was well-worth the 15 minutes of exhaustion and swimming back to shore on your back *smiles*